About the Zoe 10Pak

Zoe Advisors can save time, money and effort in using the Zoe process by purchasing 10 pre-paid electronic certificates in a Zoe 10-Pak.

Since a Zoe 10-Pak costs only $350.00, each couple (ENGAGED or MARRIED) saves over 10% off the individual purchase price. Also, it is easier for a couple to get started with Zoe using an electronic certificate than fumbling around with a credit card. Finally, many Advisors use the Zoe 10-pak because it can easily be bundled with other costs associated with advising or conveniently used in a weekend session with multiple ENGAGED or MARRIED couples.

You can purchase the Zoe 10-Pak with a credit card or by check:

  • Credit card: Contact us at support@zoescore.com and let us know you are interested in the Zoe 10-Pak. (Please do not email your credit card information.) In your email, please provide your phone number and we will contact you and process your credit card transaction over the phone.

  • Check: Make your check payable to Zoe, Inc. and mail it to:
    Zoe, Inc.
    P.O.Box 727
    Louisville, CO 80027

When you mail your check, please contact us at support@zoescore.com to let us know you are purchasing a Zoe 10-Pak and we will expedite your order. Please include your phone number in your email so we can contact you with your electronic certificates.

Once your payment is received, we will provide you with an electronic certificate code valid for ten pre-paid logins that can be used by an ENGAGED or MARRIED couple. When you are ready to have a couple use Zoe, just tell them your code and when they enter it in the electronic certificate box on the "Purchase" screen, your pre-paid credit will be applied to their purchase. It's that simple!

If you have any questions about the Zoe 10-Pak, please contact us at support@zoescore.com.