Zoe Advisor Report

The Zoe Advisor Report is loaded with summary and detailed feedback on the couple, packed into roughly 35 to 40 pages. This report is generated in an Adobe PDF format for easy readability and convenient printing.

Every Zoe Advisor Report includes:
  • Demographic background information,
  • Quantitative analyses,
  • Specific areas of disagreement,
  • Areas in which either partner did not respond,
  • Bulleted responses reported in logical sentences,
  • Detailed responses in each partner’s own words, and
  • Access to applicable research summaries.
All of this information is formatted and presented in an easy-to-understand, intuitively graphical fashion and is provided across 13 different marriage categories and over 170 marriage concepts.

The couple will receive this exact information in their Zoe Couple Feedback Report so that they will arrive at a session with you knowledgeable about their feedback. But the feedback content listed above is where the similarities end between your report and the couple’s report. Zoe provides you with an additional section with exclusive Advisor Tools that the couple cannot access.

These tools which assist you in facilitating discussions with the couple are included in your Zoe Advisor Feedback Report:
  • General ice-breaker questions to begin discussing a category,
  • Solution-focused questions to help the couple use their strengths to improve their weaker areas, and
  • Probing questions to help get to the CORE of a growth area.
These questions are included in your report because they are directly related to the specific categories and concepts that are most important to that particular couple. That way you can easily reference your printed report when working with a couple.