Advising ENGAGED Couples

''They talk wedding...You talk marriage.''

Strong marriages don't happen by sheer chance . . . but rather through hard work by both the husband and the wife. And even if a couple dedicates the time and effort to strengthen their marriage, how can they know how to "do marriage" the right way?

Your Help
No individual spouse is born with all the skills necessary to help a marriage succeed. Couples need assistance - your assistance. And Zoe helps you to help them.

A Zoe Advisor can be a member of the clergy, a marriage therapist, a counselor or a mentor couple. Zoe Advisors work closely with pre-marriage couples to help them get ready for the challenges of marriage and with married couples to help them strengthen their relationship.

Zoe's Help
Zoe is a comprehensive, effective and efficient approach to the seemingly daunting task of marriage advising. Zoe provides a wide array of tools to Advisors based on:

  • leading marriage research,
  • relevant Bible passages,
  • helpful improvement techniques,
  • valuable marriage journals and
  • fellow Zoe Advisor Coaches.
And to make sure you can get up to speed quickly, Zoe provides registered Advisors with a practice run through the instrument, a sample feedback report, online video training, Zoe Coaches and comprehensive Advisor FAQs. To access these valuable tools and learn more about Zoe, Register as an Advisor . . . it's simple and it's free.

Register as a Zoe Advisor
Zoe's practical design, structure, approach and materials are the result of a collective effort from a dedicated team . . . a team guided by practical knowledge, extensive research, expertise gained from marriage counseling experience and valuable feedback from current Zoe Advisors.

If you have never prepared a pre-marriage couple for life after the wedding day, or never assisted a married couple struggling with a relationship challenge, Zoe can provide you with the tools you need to help them. On the other hand, if you have years of experience working with couples, incorporating Zoe into your marriage advising should be practically seamless and effortless. These are just a few of the many reasons to use Zoe.

It doesn't cost anything to register as a Zoe Advisor, so why not give Zoe a try? Register here.