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''Love is blind, marriage is the eye-opener.''

After the wedding is over, every couple realizes the statement "...they lived happily ever after" describes only fairy tale marriages.

In real life, marriages are more accurately described as "...they lived happily sometimes and not-so-happily other times." Or in research terms, "...their marital satisfaction changed constantly."

Your marriage is a series of continuous, simultaneous, complex interactions that impact your constantly changing marital satisfaction. Zoe can help you make sense of these complex marital interactions and bring your marriage blur into focus.

Why do Married Couples Use Zoe?
The most obvious reason to use Zoe is to take advantage of Zoe's privacy. You and your spouse can use Zoe to learn how your marriage compares to the leading research without having to "spill your guts" to anyone. That's right, no expensive hourly counseling sessions; no explaining a childhood trauma to another person. Instead, each of you can spend about an hour answering the Zoe questions and you will have your own 25+ page feedback report that you can discuss together.

Zoe prompts each of you to describe your marriage holistically and then Zoe combines your responses into feedback for you as a couple. This approach will help you engage in focused, constructive conversations about real issues.

But Zoe can be much more than just a private way for you to learn more about your marriage. It is a tool that you can use to improve your marriage.

What is your current marriage situation?

  • Have you used the 'D" word and are you trying to save your marriage?
  • Have you noticed a decrease in your marital satisfaction and are you exploring ways to address things before your marriage weakens further?
  • Or are you simply curious about your marriage?

Whatever your current situation, Zoe can help you better understand the complexities of your marriage and address marital challenges to enhance your overall marital satisfaction.

Do We Need a Zoe Advisor?
Zoe encourages every married couple to conduct a marriage check-up (without an Advisor) every 3-5 years. The Zoe MARRIED feedback report provides the history of each of your Zoe category scores so you can monitor the changing strengths and weaknesses in your marriage over the years and, most importantly, your current challenges. To remain healthy, a person should monitor blood pressure and cholesterol, while a couple should monitor their ZoeScore.

But if you are addressing some deep-rooted issues, Zoe strongly recommends meeting with a Zoe Advisor (a member of the clergy or professional marriage counselor). Using your Zoe Feedback, your Zoe Advisor can help you constructively explore your relationship in a confidential and thoughtful way. (Zoe provides all Advisors with effective tools to assist a couple in multiple ways.)

Get Started Today
So whether you are looking for a marital check-up to monitor the pulse of your marriage or for marital support from an Advisor, Zoe can help.

To start increasing your marital satisfaction, purchase Zoe MARRIED today!

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