Why Use Zoe?

'Help them keep their marriage promises.'

Why use Zoe? Because Zoe is the pre-eminent comprehensive marriage program available today.

If you are a member of the clergy, a professional counselor or a mentor couple, Zoe can help you. Zoe has been designed with input from professionals working day-to-day with couples . . . designed by Advisors, for Advisors.

No other pre-marriage or marriage program is as complete, thorough, effective and efficient as Zoe because Zoe constantly strives to meet the needs of Advisors. Consider:

Advisor NeedZoe Design Element
Help a coupleEquip Advisors with a proven process
Utilize leading marriage research
Provide scores and responses
Measure couple's awareness
Incorporate scripture by category
Present "Expand your Vision" suggestions
Provide "homework" tools
Recommend valuable reading materials
Learn proven practicesOffer online video training
Provide research, agreement scores
Have Zoe Coaches available
Separate relationship areas into:
  1. Four CornerStones and
  2. Nine Pillars
    Apply efficient processesAll materials available immediately online
    Feedback reports stored online
    Tools can be emailed to a couple
    Training is available online
    Email notifications of couple's status
    Allow flexibilityCreate materials "targeted" by category
    Allow concept-level use of research
    Offer different types of tools
    Use email tools before or during a session
    Control a couple's access to their PDF report
    Spend as little time and money as possibleOffer FREE:
    1. Registration
    2. Online video training
    3. Email support
    4. Telephone support
    5. Coaching support
    Additionally, to to help you get up to speed quickly, more advising information is provided on the ZoeScore website and in the FAQs.

    Research and Scripture

    Zoe uses research findings to identify issues that can help a couple sustain a successful marriage or conversely, issues that can hinder the constructive development of a marriage. Zoe provides both the couple and you with summary descriptions of the research for roughly 175 marriage concepts.

    In conjunction with the research feedback, Zoe provides you with two different sets of email-able scripture passages and associated Bible study questions within each category. You can use these materials (or any of your own favorite passages) to help the couple explore God's word and relate it to their specific situation within a wide range of areas.

    Equipped with research and Bible-study support, you can prepare a couple for marriage by utilizing both. As Rev. Dr. Bryan Salminen explains, "Pastors are longing for a marriage preparation tool that integrates the latest sociological research within a biblical framework, without compromising either."

    And finally, every member of the Zoe Team is dedicated to helping strengthen marriages and is enthusiastic about marital satisfaction. Just call Zoe with any question and you will discover Zoe's passion.

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    Rev. Dr. Bryan Salminen: Why Use Zoe?