Zoe Advisor Tools

“A diamond is forever . . . will their marriage last forever?”

Just like a carpenter needs the proper woodworking tools to construct a house, a Zoe Advisor needs the proper advising tools to help a couple build up their relationship.

Zoe was designed and developed to BEST meet the needs of Advisors. Your approach to working with a couple must meet your own personal standards for quality and effectiveness, while exceeding the couple’s expectations.

So the Advisor Tools have been blended together from a variety of sources to help you help them: leading research and meaningful scripture; useful techniques and applicable reading; customized training and accessible support. Finally, your time is valuable and scarce so these tools are quick to learn and easy to use.

Please click on one of the following symbols to learn more about how the Zoe Advisor Tools can make your approach to working with a couple both effective and efficient:

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The Importance of Marriage Preparation described by Zoe Team Members Rev. Jeff Meyers and Rev. LeRoy Sullivan