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Advising MARRIED Couples

''You know what I did before I married??? Anything I wanted to.''

Zoe has helped many Advisors work with married couples to address challenges in a manner similar to the approach used in Zoe ENGAGED.

Usability of Zoe MARRIED
Zoe makes it easy for Advisors to work with engaged AND married couples. The Zoe questions presented to a married couple have been designed and developed specifically for a married couple, but the usability of the Advisor feedback report and tools are identical to Zoe engaged. Therefore, if you have used Zoe engaged with a couple, you will not need to be re-trained on a new approach.

For Zoe Married, "Register New Couple" works exactly the same way as with an engaged couple. (When the couple reaches the purchase screen they simply select the product appropriate for them -- either Zoe Engaged or Zoe Married.) And to help you keep track of engaged and married couples, your Zoe filing cabinet designates a couple as either "E" or "M."

Zoe also gives Advisors the ability to decide whether or not they want couples to have access to the feedback of the ZoeScore Report. In some cases, access to the report can further divide couples and lead to finger-pointing when an Advisor is not present to guide a couple in discussions.

Track a couple
Zoe Married applies leading marriage research to help a married couple determine strengths and identify challenges. Also, Zoe Married has been designed to help you, the Advisor, track a couple's progress longitudinally.

So if a couple took Zoe Engaged (for pre-marriage couples) a few years ago, their Zoe Married feedback report will highlight the research and agreement changes in their relationship since taking Zoe Engaged. And since a married couple can take Zoe as many times as they wish, you can continue to advise a couple on their progress over the years as things change in their marriage.

Think of Zoe as measuring the vital signs of a couple's marriage, much like a blood test and thermometer measure the vital signs of a person's health.

Ideal for Marriage Retreats
Zoe Married is also ideal for a marriage retreat. Not only will you have access to individual feedback reports, but you can also request aggregated data for your group of marriage retreat couples and present the data to show the challenges facing the group as a whole. Just contact Zoe for help with your next marriage retreat.

Zoe Electronic Certificates:
Valid for Engaged or Married
Your pre-paid Zoe log-ins (using an electronic certificate) can be used for either Zoe Engaged and for Zoe Married (even though Zoe Married costs $42 while Zoe Engaged costs $40). Because of this, purchasing a Zoe 10-pak of ten electronic certificates makes even more sense for many Advisors working with both pre-marriage and married couples.

Pricing Discounts
For more information on these discounts, please visit: Zoe 10-Pak.

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