Keep in Mind

“A diamond is forever . . . will your marriage last forever?”

The Zoe process is comprehensive so that your results will provide broad, deep and meaningful feedback.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind as you go through the Zoe process:

Zoe is not a test
Although Zoe quantifies aspects of your relationship, these scores should not be thought of as a school report card but rather as a way to put your relationship in perspective.

It simply doesn’t matter whether your ZoeScore is 67 or 87. What matters is that every couple has some aspect of their relationship that could be stronger and that you recognize those aspects of your relationship that need your attention.

Answer your Zoe questions by yourself
Zoe presents each of you (separately) with over 300 questions. Answer every question with your best response, without assistance from your partner or a friend. Your Zoe feedback provides valuable information about your relationship based on each of your individual responses.

Be aware of the “Next Arrow”
Do not rush through the questions as this may cause you to select an answer that later you wish you would have thought about more deeply.

Once you click the “Next Arrow” at the bottom of a screen of questions, all of your responses are stored and cannot be changed. (Even if your browser allows you to go back one screen and change some answers, your changes will not be stored -- only your original answers are saved.)

For this reason, please review all of your responses on the screen before clicking the “Next Arrow.”

Avoid “I don’t know” response, if possible
Most questions give the user the option to select the answer “I don’t know.” If you truly don’t know the answer to a question, go ahead and select this choice. But try to avoid selecting “I don’t know” out of convenience because it will provide you with fewer insights to your relationship.

Select straightforward, honest responses
For the most helpful feedback, always select the response that most accurately reflects your feelings. Do not try to answer any question the way you think it "should" be answered. Answering in that fashion conceals, rather than reveals, information so your feedback will be less helpful to you (and to your Advisor).

Work with your Zoe Advisor
Your Zoe Advisor is a valuable resource. He or she will help answer your questions and also help keep you focused on important issues. Moreover, your Zoe Advisor has access to tools that can help you improve your relationship.

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