Frequently Asked Questions by Couples

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Zoe Background

How can we be confident that our feedback will be private?

Please read our Privacy Statement provided on the bottom of every screen. In addition to this privacy commitment, please keep in mind that Zoe:

  • Uses secure servers.
  • Does not store credit card data. Transaction information is handled directly by Wells Fargo.
  • Only uses your first names or nicknames in your feedback report.
  • Identifies you requiring only one email address and your first names. You can change this information at any time.

If additional privacy is needed, a couple can establish and use an anonymous email address and/or use different names (aliases) in their Zoe account.

Finally, a couple can delete their feedback report at any time by Emailing Zoe with a request to delete it.

Can you send me a sample printout of a Zoe report?

No. Providing a sample feedback report to a couple prior to using Zoe will hinder the effectiveness of the instrument for that couple. When going through the Zoe questions, it is important to answer "with your gut" and not try to "game the system."

Why is research important?

Through rigorous experimentation and statistical analysis, researchers have identified marriage concepts that will either help make a marriage successful or may lead to failure. However, this scientific knowledge is published in leading marriage research journals, which are not readily available to the general public and it is written from a technical perspective making the analysis and conclusions difficult to understand and apply.

Using Zoe

How many questions is Zoe and how long will it take?

Zoe consists of over 300 questions; it takes most couples between 60 to 90 minutes.

Should we go through the Zoe questions at the same time, discussing answers together, or should we answer the questions separately without discussing our responses?

You should not answer the questions together.

The Zoe questions are presented in two different sets: one set specifically for the husband-to-be and the other for the wife-to-be. After one of you goes through the 300+ questions, then the other can go through his/her set of questions.

Since your Zoe results are a "CAT-Scan" of your relationship at one point in time, each set of questions should be completed with minimal time in between (i.e. when one partner finishes, the other partner should complete his/her set as soon as possible). If you prefer, each of you can complete your own set of questions at the same time, but on different computers.

After you are both finished, Zoe recommends that you go on a date to discuss some of the questions - as a way to begin thinking about your relationship in a deeper way - before seeing your feedback.

If I'm answering the Zoe Questions and have to exit, can I get back to where I left off in the questions?

Yes. If you exit your browser or the Zoe website or if your computer shuts down (say during a power outage), you will return to the most recent screen in your session.

The Zoe questions are presented on multiple screens with anywhere from one to twenty questions on a screen. By clicking the next arrow after you have answered all the questions on a screen, your answers are automatically stored to the ZoeScore database. When you return to ZoeScore, you will be directed to the first screen without answers, or your last screen.

Will I be able to change my answers?

You can change any of your answers while working on a screen, but not on a previous screen. When you click the next arrow to proceed to the next screen, your answers are automatically stored to the ZoeScore database and cannot be changed. If you press the back arrow on your browser, you might be able to view a previous screen (depending on your browser settings), but any changes made to a previous screen are not stored in the ZoeScore database.

Can we take Zoe on the same computer or on different computers at the same time?

Yes. Each of you can answer your set of Zoe Questions on the same computer, but not at the same time (using multiple browser windows). However, if working on separate computers, you can both answer your set of questions at the same time on different computers.

How long before our wedding should we use Zoe?

The Zoe marriage preparation program will be valuable to you and your relationship any time before you are married.

But to avoid wedding preparation "crunch time" in which you are likely to be distracted, your marriage preparation should occur 3 to 12 months before your wedding date.

We are currently living in different cities. Can Zoe help us with our long-distance situation?

Zoe is ideal for helping a couple in a long distance relationship since all you need is an Internet connection and a telephone. And if you are working with an Advisor, Zoe makes it simple and convenient for him/her too.

You and your Zoe Advisor can access the Zoe Feedback Report over the Internet and conduct any advising sessions over the phone. Moreover, your Zoe Advisor can help you with any Zoe materials via email.

How do we change our email address or password?

To change any of your information at any time:

  • Login to:
  • Click: "Our Info."
  • Click: the next arrow

On this screen, you can change your names, email addresses and/or password. If you only change your email address, your password will remain unchanged.

We forgot our password. How can we retrieve it?

For security reasons, Zoe does not send passwords to users. But Zoe allows you to change to a new password.

  • Go to:
  • Click: Login
  • Click: "Forgot Password? Click here"
  • Enter your email address and Zoe will send you an automated email to help you change your password.

Just follow the instructions in the "Forgot Password" email and on the create new password screen associated with the link in the email.

We forgot the email address we used to register. How can we retrieve it?

Zoe can look it up for you. Please send us an email at

Zoe Advisors

Why is it important to work with a Zoe Advisor?

Zoe recommends that all couples work with an advisor because a Zoe Advisor:

  • Will have access to a wide range of marriage improvement tools to help you work on issues and get the most out of your sessions,
  • Utilizes his or her experience working with couples,
  • Helps you target and discuss issues,
  • Provides strategies for improving areas of concern,
  • Can increase the overall effectiveness of Zoe in helping your relationship,
  • Can help you stay focused on improving your relationship and
  • Ask the tough questions in a caring way.

Can we use Zoe without an Advisor?

Yes. And many couples decide to use Zoe without an advisor. There is nothing wrong or negative about wanting to keep your marriage private.

If one or both of you is hesitant or reluctant to meet with an advisor, then don't. But that doesn't mean you should neglect your relationship. The worst thing for your relationship is to do is nothing . . . so do something.

Research shows that something as simple as going through Zoe will help you improve your relationship. Just answering questions about each of you and your relationship and studying your feedback is a revealing exercise that will help both of you look at your relationship from a beneficial and constructive perspective.

If you use Zoe without an advisor, Zoe recommends:
  • After you have both answered the Zoe questions, go on a date and discuss them.
  • Download your Zoe Feedback Report.
  • Use the information in your Zoe Feedback Report to learn more about each other and your relationship.
  • Identify your strong categories and concepts and explore together why these things are strong.
  • Identify your weak categories and concepts and dedicate yourselves to improving these areas.
  • Review and analyze the marriage research (available by clicking on a concept in your Feedback Report) in these improvement areas.
  • Seek out additional marriage resources (books, videos, classes, etc.) to help you work on those weaker areas.

If you go through Zoe on your own and find you could use some personal assistance, please don't hesitate to contact a Zoe Advisor.

How can we find a Zoe Advisor to work with us?

Zoe is extremely flexible and can be used by a couple in sessions with a professional counselor, clergy member or mentor. It's up to you to identify a Zoe Advisor you feel you can work with. Your family or friends may be able to recommend someone who is a professional counselor, clergy member or mentor couple.

If you would like to work with an advisor, but do not know anyone to help you, please send us an email at with your zip code and we will try to find a registered Zoe Advisor to assist you.

How can we change / delete our Advisor?

Please send us an email with your instructions on changing or deleting your advisor to Zoe at

Purchase Zoe

How much does Zoe cost?

Zoe costs $40.00 per ENGAGED couple and $42.00 per MARRIED couple (cost is per couple, not per person).

What credit cards are accepted on the ZoeScore website?

MasterCard and Visa.

Can I pay with a check?

Yes, but Zoe encourages you to consider all of your options to pay by credit card since you can get started using Zoe immediately after your onine payment is processed. Many couples will use a friend's credit card to purchase Zoe and then repay him/her with a check or cash.

Paying by check can take about ten days (the time for mail delivery and check clearing). If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your check ($40.00 for ENGAGED, $42.00 for MARRIED) to:

Zoe, Inc.
P.O. Box 727
Louisville, CO 80027

Please send an email to to let us know you mailed your check and we will issue you an electronic certificate.

Zoe Feedback Report

Why is our Advisor restricting our access to our feedback report?

Some Zoe Advisors believe that they should control a couple's access to their report. By controlling the release of this information, an Advisor can:

  • prevent damage to a relationship from a couple's misunderstanding of how to use the information,
  • plan to release the report at a constructive time in a session and
  • conduct effective advising sessions for the couple.

Other Zoe Advisors believe it is important for a couple to view their results as soon as possible and therefore never restrict a couple's access to their report.

Every Advisor takes a different approach in working with a couple and Zoe tries to accommodate the needs of all Advisors by providing this access control.

If you would like to access your report, please contact your Zoe Advisor.

How do we get our feedback report?

Just log into and click "Our Zoe." You can download your PDF report from this screen.

You do not have access to your feedback if you log into, click on "Our Zoe" and get the message:

  • "Your Zoe Advisor has your Zoe feedback. Please arrange a date, time and place to meet with your Zoe Advisor to discuss your relationship."

Please contact your Advisor to gain access your feedback.

If you are using Zoe without an Advisor, you will automatically have access to your PDF report on the "Our Zoe" screen.

Why are there so many different categories in Zoe?

The Zoe categories were developed based on the current research on successful marriages and unsatisfying relationships. The topics covered in these thirteen categories have all been shown to have a significant impact on the success of a marriage.

How can I get Adobe Reader?

To properly view and print the PDF report requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or greater which is free and quick and easy to download from Adobe. Simply download the latest Acrobat Reader by visiting

I can't download Adobe Reader or I can't open/view/print a PDF file.

If you cannot open/view/print the PDF feedback report it usually means there is either an issue with your installation of Adobe Reader or an issue with the compatibility of your web browser or printer with Adobe Reader.

Please go to the Adobe Reader Troubleshooting website for assistance: Adobe Reader Troubleshooting.

Why are our scores so low?

Zoe scores are not "right" or "wrong." Zoe scores point out areas of strength and weakness in your relationship based on leading marriage research. Look closely at the research summaries to find out why you scored as you did. What matters is your ability as a couple to discuss and understand your scores, even if you disagree with them. Remember, being able to discuss and communicate about important issues helps you prepare for a successful marriage.

We think our scores were low. Should we

No, you should not retake Zoe.

Since you have both completed the instrument, you know the questions and have read your feedback report so retaking Zoe will likely generate distorted feedback. A second feedback report will almost certainly provide less "true" information on your relationship than the first report that might include a few inadvertent "erroneous" responses.

Remember, Zoe is not a test . . . it is a CAT-Scan that helps you identify and understand your growth areas and then helps you develop strategies to strengthen these areas. Typically, a few inadvertent responses will not significantly change your score and should not severely affect your overall effort to improve your relationship. Just explain the concepts that you misunderstood to each other and to your Advisor and decide if there are any issues worth discussing in those areas.

On the other hand, if one or both of you answered most of the questions either randomly or insincerely, then your Zoe feedback will have little value and you might consider retaking Zoe.

We are ENGAGED and have a low ZoeScore. Should we not get married?

Zoe ENGAGED was developed for pre-marriage couples and was designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. Zoe's goal is to improve your relationship before AND after you are married.

A low score in a category or concept means that you may want to pay special attention to those issues. These are areas in which you both may need to grow, and knowing where you need to focus is the first step in that growth.

Marriage is a decision that can only be made by the two of you and Zoe is a tool to help you prepare for your life together.

A bulleted statement in our feedback report states an answer we don't think we chose. How did this happen?

Zoe asks over 300 questions on about 30 different screens and once in a while, an individual will mistakenly misread a question and click a response he or she did not intend. It is natural to think that Zoe changed a user's response, but Zoe simply reports what the user entered.

Typically, a few inadvertent responses will not significantly change your score and should not severely affect your overall effort to improve your relationship. Just explain the concepts that you answered differently than intended to each other and to your Advisor. Then decide if there are any issues worth discussing in those areas.

Can we change some of our answers?

Zoe was designed and built to not allow changes to answers once they have been finalized (once the user clicks the "Next" arrow on each page, answers cannot be changed). This way, the Zoe feedback has integrity. Also, because of this, we have no way to change individual responses to questions.

Why does the Zoe process suggest we go on a date after we complete the Zoe questions?

Research shows that good communication is one of the most important components of a successful marriage. Simply discussing the issues raised in the questions will help you prepare for your marriage.

Spending some time together talking about the issues raised in the questions and your responses to those issues will help you strengthen your communication skills. After you are married, there will be many important issues you will need to talk about in your lives together. Why not get started now?

One or both of our names is misspelled in the feedback. How can I correct this?

To change any of your information at any time:

  • Login to:
  • Click: "Our Info"
  • Edit: Your names
  • Click: the next arrow

Any unchanged information will remain the same after clicking the next arrow.