Zoe Advisor Support

At some point in time, almost every Zoe Advisor will seek assistance. So when you find yourself needing help, please remember that Zoe is dedicated to answering your questions and helping you address issues.

Zoe's Advisor Support can help answer your questions in three different ways:
  • FAQs - Many common questions from Zoe Advisors are answered on the Using Zoe FAQ screen.
  • Contact Us - Feel free to contact anyone at Zoe over the phone, via email or through the US postal service.
  • Zoe Coaches - If you would rather speak to another Zoe Advisor close by or within your denomination, simply click "Coaches" for more information.
Questions could be as simple as how to change your password or how to make sure an Advisor's account is properly "linked" to a couple's account, or more complex like how best to handle a planned elopement.

But regardless of the issue, an FAQ could answer your question or Zoe will put you in contact with the proper expert . . . and usually within a few hours!