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  • When trying to register as a Zoe Advisor, I get an error message that says my email address is already in use. What should I do?
  • When I try to register as a Zoe Advisor, I get an error that says the authorization code I used is not valid. What should I do?

    Zoe Background

    Why is research important?

    Through rigorous experimentation and statistical analysis, researchers have identified marriage concepts that will either help make a marriage successful or may lead to failure. However, this scientific knowledge is published in leading marriage research journals, which are not readily available to the general public and it is written from a technical perspective making the analysis and conclusions difficult to understand and apply.

    So Zoe has performed the labor-intensive and intellectually challenging tasks of researching, reading, analyzing and summarizing thousands of articles on marriage and relationships. From this knowledge, Zoe has created the marriage categories and concepts, developed the Zoe questions and scoring and provided the valuable research summaries to you (when you click a concept in the feedback report). By using Zoe, you can work with a couple knowing what leading marriage and relationship researchers know.

    Zoe applies the most valuable marriage knowledge from all the leading researchers, unlike other marriage instruments that were developed by one or two self-proclaimed marriage experts.

    Why is it important to blend research and scripture?

    Every question, score, category, concept and response within Zoe is based on leading marriage research because research provides scientific explanation for marriage situations. Zoe also provides multiple scripture passages within each category and a guide for working with a couple to explore how that scripture applies to their marital situation.

    Zoe's reason for blending research and scripture when working with a couple is best summarized in the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas who believed that all truth is known through both reason and faith and that ultimately "all truth is God's truth."

    Looking at marriage issues with a couple from both perspectives helps you to help a couple improve an area with a two-pronged approach. By providing research and scripture tools to Advisors, Zoe equips you to appeal to each person's need to hear both reason and faith. Moreover, it gives you an excellent opportunity to help each person further develop his or her faith in a very personal and directly applicable context . . . his or her marriage!

    Can you send me a sample print-out of a Zoe report?

    By registering as a Zoe Advisor, you will have access to a sample Zoe Advisor Feedback Report that you can print. To register as a Zoe Advisor and access the report, click here.

    HOW can I control a couple's access to their feedback?

    An Advisor can change a couple's access to their feedback on two different screens:

    • My Info
    • Change Access for Couple Feedback

    Your access setting on your My Info screen will be applied to all new couples while your access setting on the Change Access screen is unique to each individual couple.

    My Info - In the "Advisor Filing Cabinet" section of this screen, you can adjust the default access setting for all new couples. By checking or un-checking the box that reads: "ALLOW my couples access to their Zoe Couple Feedback Report" you can adjust the access for all of your new couples.

    Change Access for Couple Feedback - By checking or un-checking the box that reads: "ALLOW access for this couple to their Zoe Couple Feedback Report" in the middle of this screen,you can allow or restrict each individual couple's access to their feedback report. You can access this screen by clicking "Change access" on either the Filing Cabinet screen (under the "Actions" column) or in the middle of the Feedback screen.

    Whenever you make a change to an individual couple's access, Zoe sends an email to the couple to let them know of the change.

    As an example, if you always restrict access for a couple until after your second session, you would un-check the "ALLOW" box on the MyInfo screen to restrict access for all of your new couples. Then, after your second session, you would check the "ALLOW" box on the Change Access for Couple Feedback screen to allow access to the couple and then Zoe would send a notification email to them.

    SHOULD I control a couple's access to their feedback?

    Some couples might use selected information in their Zoe Couple Feedback Report in a way that could harm their relationship. For this reason, some Zoe Advisors believe that they should control a couple's access to their report.

    By controlling the release of this information, an Advisor can:

    • prevent damage to a relationship from a couple's misunderstanding of how to use the information,
    • plan to release the report at a constructive time in a session and @li
    • conduct effective advising sessions for the couple.

    Many other Zoe Advisors believe it is important for a couple to view their results as soon as possible and therefore never restrict a couple's access to their report.

    By allowing a couple immediate access to their feedback, an Advisor can:

    • encourage an environment of openness between the two of them as well as between the couple and the Advisor,
    • help a couple discuss and address something in the report sooner rather than later,
    • assist a couple in constructively working through differences or conflicts that might arise from their interpretation of the report and@li
    • provide the feedback immediately and directly to the couple so that they can come to the first session prepared to talk about specific issues and may be more receptive to advising suggestions.

    Every Advisor takes a different approach in working with a couple and Zoe tries to accommodate the needs of all Advisors by providing this access control.

    To learn more about controlling a couple's access to their feedback, please read the Zoe response to the FAQ: "HOW can I control a couple's access to their feedback?"

    Getting Started

    How do I get an authorization code to register as an Advisor?

    To get an authorization code from Zoe, please contact us at

    How does Zoe notify me about a couple's progress?

    Zoe notifies an Advisor, via email, of the couple's status in the overall process. Also, the status of the couple's work on Zoe is listed by their email address in your Advisor Filing Cabinet.

    How do I get a couple started using Zoe?

    To get started using Zoe, it is important to make sure the couple's Zoe Account is linked to your Zoe Advisor account. When your accounts are linked, you will have access to their feedback in your Advisor Filing Cabinet.

    Here are two ways for a couple to start using Zoe and to make sure their account is linked to yours:

    Couple initiates process by clicking: "Purchase"

    The couple can begin the process without the "Register New Couple" email. They can go to, click on "Purchase" and enter their purchase information. Once they have purchased Zoe, the first question they are asked is "Who is your Advisor?" The couple then enters your email address so that they are linked to your Zoe Advisor Account.

    Please give the email address you use as a Zoe Advisor to the couple so they can link to your proper account. If the couple does not have your correct email address, they can still proceed with going through the Zoe questions. Zoe will prompt them for your email address via email a couple of times after their purchase.

    Advisor initiates process by clicking: "Register new Couple"
    Just follow these instructions:
    • Login:
    • Click: Login
    • Enter: Your email address and password
    • Click: "Register New Couple"
    • Enter: the couple's email address

    When you register a new couple, Zoe sends an automated email to the couple explaining a little about Zoe, asking them to accept you as their Advisor and providing a link to the Zoe "Purchase" screen. Once they purchase Zoe, their account is "linked" to your Zoe Advisor account.

    Once the couple finishes their last question, you will receive an email notifying you that their feedback is available to you in your Zoe Filing Cabinet.

    Should the couple go through the Zoe questions at the same time, discussing answers together, or should each partner answer the questions separately without discussing their responses?

    The couple should not answer the questions together.

    The Zoe questions are presented in two different sets: one set specifically for the husband-to-be and the other for the wife-to-be. After one partner goes through the 300+ questions, then the other partner goes through his/her set of questions.

    Since the results for a couple are a "CAT-Scan" of their relationship at one point in time, each set should be completed with minimal time in between (i.e. when one partner finishes, the other partner should complete his/her set as soon as possible). If they prefer, each partner can complete his/her set of questions at the same time, but on different computers.

    After each partner has finished, Zoe recommends they go on a date to discuss some of the questions - as a way to begin thinking about their relationship in a deeper way - before they see their feedback.

    Register New Couple: Why does Zoe only require only one email address?

    Zoe was designed and developed to accept only one email address for "register New Couple" to provide the easiest method for Advisors to get the process started for a couple. However, the couple can add another email address later in the process. Here is how it works:

    Zoe sends an automated email to the one address provided by the Advisor asking the couple to approve the Advisor to receive their feedback. The email also provides a link to the "Purchase" screen to help them get started.

    Once the couple clicks the link and purchases Zoe, they are given the opportunity to add another email address. If the couple adds another email address, you will notice the added email address for the couple listed in your Advisor Filing Cabinet.

    A couple came to me with a Zoe Couple Feedback Report. What can I do to help them?

    It is excellent news if a couple has shown you a copy of their Zoe Couple Feedback Report and requested that you be their Zoe Advisor! That means they are interested in proactively improving their relationship and trust you to help them.

    To access their feedback and the associated Advisor Tools, your Zoe account must be linked to theirs. Please contact us with the couple's contact information (names and email addresses) and your email address and we will link their Zoe Account to yours.

    If you are not a Registered Zoe Advisor, you will have to register first. Advisor registration is simple and free. Click here to Register as a Zoe Advisor!

    Zoe Emails

    The Register New Couple email did not work. What should I do next?

    It is possible that you used "Register New Couple" and the couple never received (or somehow deleted) the email. Also, if the couple has a SPAM filter on their email, sometimes the ZoeScore emails can be diverted to that folder.

    To get things re-started for a couple, you have two options:

    Resend "Register New Couple" email
    • Login to:
    • Click: "Advisor Tools"
    • Locate: The couple's email address in your list
    • Click: "drop email" (in blue text in the far right column)
    • Click: The next arrow to confirm "drop email"
    • Click: "Register New Couple"
    • Enter: The couple's email address
    And that's it! You can use "drop email" and then resend an email as many times as you like.

    Have the couple begin the process

    Another alternative is that you can instruct the couple to begin the process. If the couple goes to, clicks "Purchase" and enters all the information, the first request from Zoe is that they enter their Advisor's email address. After they enter your email address, you will be linked to their Zoe account and their feedback.

    Either of these approaches will work, but if you suspect the couple's SPAM filter is causing problems, please have the couple begin the process.

    How do I stop receiving emails from Zoe?

    Log into and click on "Edit my Info" and make the change to your preferences.

    The status for one of my couples says

    If you used "Register New Couple" but the couple did not click the link in the automated email that Zoe sent, the automatic link to your account cannot be made.

    Please send us an email with their names and one of their email addresses and we will manually link their account to yours. Please send the email to

    Why am I not receiving Zoe email notifications?

    If you are not receiving an email each time one of your couples completes Zoe, then our emails are not getting through your email server. Some SPAM filters can aggressively sort out our simple notifications.

    Please have your email System Administrator establish as an acceptable sender for your email system.

    How can I work with a couple who does not have an email address?

    Zoe only uses the couple's email address as a user name except for the "Register New Couple" functionality.

    You have a couple of options to deal with this situation:

    A. Set up an email address for the couple (at Yahoo, Hotmail, Google, etc.) B. Use a "dummy" email address and do not use "Register New Couple."

    For option B, since you will not be using "Register New Couple," you can have the couple enter any email address into Zoe (as long as they remember the email address and the password to login later).

    So for example, if you are working with Bob and Mary, just have them use the email address Even though it is not a real email address, they can set up a Zoe account with that email address and login to it later at the Zoescore website to answer the Zoe Questions and access their feedback.

    Without a valid email address, the couple will obviously not be able to receive any of the email-able Zoe Advisor Tools. However, you can always email these Zoe Tools to yourself, print them and give a hard copy to the couple.

    Purchasing Zoe

    How much does Zoe cost?

    Zoe Registration is free for Advisors. Zoe costs $40.00 per ENGAGED couple and $42.00 per MARRIED couple (cost is per couple, not per person).

    Can an Advisor pay for the couple to use Zoe?

    Please follow these instructions to pay for the couple:

    • Go to:
    • Click "Logout" at the top of the screen
    • Click: Couples Home > > Purchase
    • Enter: All the credit card information but include the couple's email address instead of yours. (You only need one email address to purchase Zoe, but the couple can add another one later if they choose.)
    • Enter: An "easy-to-remember" password and confirm it
    • Click: PURCHASE

    You have now successfully paid for a couple! Just tell them to go to and click on "LOGIN" and enter their email address and the "easy-to-remember" password you selected. Your couple is now all set to get started using Zoe.

    Can I get a receipt for an individual or a 10-Pak purchase?

    Of course! Please send us an email at and we will email you a receipt.

    One of my couples purchased Zoe twice -- one for him, one for her. They answered all the questions in separate accounts and do not have a feedback report. How can I correct this?

    It is possible for a couple to independently purchase Zoe twice and answer the questions separately (instead of purchasing Zoe once and going through the questions in one couple account).

    To generate a Feedback Report, Zoe matches "his" responses with "hers" from one account. If a couple created multiple accounts, the Zoe program cannot automatically match their responses.

    To correct this situation, please contact us.

    How can I make sure a couple gets the state discount on their marriage license when I use Zoe with them?

    Go to out State Discounts page or for more information.

    Using Zoe

    I forgot the email address I used to register. How can I retrieve it?

    Zoe can look it up for you. Please send us an email at

    How can I change my email address?

    • Log into:
    • Click: My Info
    • Change your email address.
    • Click the next arrow.
    • Your password remains unchanged.

    How can I retrieve or change my password?

    • Go to:
    • Click: Login
    • Click: "Forgot Password? Click here"
    • Enter your email address and Zoe will send you an automated email to help you change your password.

    Just follow the instructions in the "Forgot Password" email and on the create password screen associated with the link in the email.

    I have changed positions / locations. Do I need to create a new Zoe login account?

    You can create a new account if you would like to maintain two accounts. But if you would like to keep only one account (and all of your records from your previous location), just change your email address:

    • Log into:
    • Click: My Info
    • Change your email address.
    • Click the next arrow.

    Your email is now changed, but your password remains the same as before.

    Does Zoe have a print-based questionnaire version I can use with a couple?

    No. Zoe is entirely online.

    If you are working with a couple without an email address, please see our response to that FAQ above. If you are working with a couple that does not have a computer, we recommend that they go to their local library (or use a friend or family member's computer). If you are working with an individual unfamiliar with using a computer, have him or her sit with a close friend who knows how to use a computer and who can help them enter their responses.

    I clicked

    Please send us the couple's names and one of their email addresses and we will manually link their account to yours. Please email Zoe at

    How can I get Adobe Reader?

    To properly view and print the PDF report requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or greater which is free and quick and easy to download from Adobe. Simply download the latest Acrobat Reader by visiting

    I can't download Adobe Reader or I can't open/view/print a PDF file.

    If you cannot open/view/print the PDF feedback report it usually means there is either an issue with your installation of Adobe Reader or an issue with the compatibility of your web browser or printer with Adobe Reader.

    Please go to the Adobe Reader Troubleshooting website for assistance: Adobe Reader Troubleshooting.

    Zoe Feedback

    Does Zoe email me the Advisor Feedback Report when the couple finishes answering the questions?

    No. A couple's feedback report is personal and confidential and Zoe protects that information on our secure servers and Zoe only allows access to the users (you and the couple) authorized to retrieve it.

    To access a Zoe Advisor Feedback Report, simply log into, locate the couple in your Advisor Filing Cabinet and click on the blue text in the far right column that reads "feedback."

    What is an

    As shown on the Zoescore Chart, a couple's Zoescore is the simple average of their Research and Agreement scores. This provides a measure of the couple's responses compared to leading research (research score) combined with a measure of the couple's responses compared to each other (agreement score).

    The Zoescores for all couples fall into a normal distribution with a mean in the low 70s.

    How long does it take for the couple and Advisor to get the feedback report?

    Once a couple answers the last question, their designated advisor has immediate access to the Advisor Feedback Report for that couple. The couple will also have immediate access to their Couple Feedback Report if you have allowed them to have access.

    To learn how to change the access of a couple, please read the FAQ: HOW can I control a couple's access to their feedback?

    How can I access the marriage research details in Zoe?

    All of the research used to develop Zoe is organized by concept. Some of the leading research can apply to multiple concepts so Zoe will repeat the brief descriptions for those instances.

    All of the Zoe research is available to all users (couples and Advisors) logged into the Zoe website. To access the research summaries, just open your PDF feedback report in Acrobat Reader, go to the Concepts Tables, locate the concept you would like to investigate and click on the text of that word.

    If you are logged into the Zoescore website, your web browser will go directly to a web page listing the applicable research. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

    The bullet color/shape seems to be negative for feedback text that is positive. Why?

    When reviewing the Research Details, you may notice text that makes a favorable statement but is NOT highlighted with a blue "excellent" bullet. Not only is this perfectly normal, it is valuable information since it means that one or both partners may be hinting at a potential issue with a concept without "rocking the boat" by selecting a more strongly worded response.

    For example, if the text reads "Lois trusts others" but is highlighted with an orange "caution" down-arrow bullet, one or both partners believes that trust might be an issue for Lois.

    What will I receive as an Advisor and what does the couple receive?

    Zoe is designed so that you receive more materials than the couple you are advising. A simple way to think of the feedback is that the couple receives information on their relationship and you receive that information PLUS knowledge. This knowledge helps you work with the couple to help them improve their relationship.

    PDF Zoe Feedback Reports - The Advisor Report contains only one difference from the Couple Report. Both reports include all of the same charts, tables and text feedback on how the couple answered questions. However, the Zoe Advisor Report includes the "Expand your Vision" questions at the end of each category.

    Advisor Tools - As an Advisor, you have access to all of the Zoe Advisor Tools while the couple does not. These tools have been designed and developed to help you help them.

    My name and/or my organization's name is misspelled on every page of the feedback. How can I correct this?

    You can change any of your information by logging into and clicking on "My Info." Simply change your name and organization's name in the appropriate fields and click the next arrow at the bottom of the screen to store your changes. All feedback reports (current and past) listed in your Advisor Filing Cabinet will report your modified information. You can change any of your information on the "My Info" screen at any time.

    Has Zoe been tested statistically for validity and reliability?

    Dr. David Chizar, PhD (Psychology) from the University of Colorado, studied Zoe's validity and reliability by analyzing the responses from 1,000 couples. Here are some of his conclusions:

    Internal consistency
    ". . . internal consistency could be seen as indicative of both reliability and validity . . . to underscore this point, we generated composite scores . . . correlated these composites with another set of additive composites . . . getting r values of 0.81 and 0.78 for Lois and Clark responses, respectively. Clearly, our measures of internal consistency increase dramatically with the composites as compared with individual items."

    "The fact that reliability increases with increasing test length or with increasing composite size is well known in psychometrics. Indeed, the phenomenon has been studied in great detail, and we have axiomatic knowledge about the nature of the relationship between reliability and test length."

    Content validity
    ". . . this refers to assessment of the extent to which the instrument samples its specified domain. Here we are talking about the range of questions on the test and the adequacy with which the content has been cast in the form of test items. Because of the length and scope of Zoe, it is virtually certain that the instrument possesses outstanding content validity."

    To access the entire validity and reliability study, please click here.


    Does Zoe provide training for Zoe Advisors?

    Yes. For detailed information on Zoe's Advisor training, please go the Training page on the Zoescore website.

    When will you have classroom training in my area?

    All registered Zoe Advisors have access to free on-line video Advisor training. These videos cover a broad range of topics for Advisors, so classroom training is typically not needed for most Advisors. Because of this, Zoe classroom training is only offered intermittently at select locations and covers more advanced topics. Please go to Zoe Advisor Trainingfor more details.

    If you are interested in classroom training on more advanced topics, log into and click on the "Training" link at the top of the screen to locate a session in your area.

    If you don't see a training session in your area, please Contact Us to request one. If we receive enough requests in a location, we will schedule a classroom training session.

    Does Zoe training count for Continuing Education (CE) credits?

    Zoe is currently looking into having the Advisor Training certified for Continuing Education credit. However, Zoe Advisor Training currently does not automatically count for CE credit. Since the Zoe online training is thorough, extensive, and comprehensive, an Advisor is encouraged to petition his or her state for credit.

    How can I contact another Zoe Advisor?

    Log into and click on Coaches.

    Advising Situations

    Can I use Zoe if I need to advise a couple in a long-distance situation?

    Zoe is ideal for long distance advising since a couple only needs Internet access and a telephone. You and the couple can access the Zoe Feedback Report and use the Zoe Advisor email tools over the Internet and then conduct any advising sessions over the phone. Long distance advising is another situation where Zoe's ease-of-use and value are unsurpassed in helping a couple with their relationship.

    How can I help find a Zoe Advisor in a different location to help with a long distance advising situation?

    Log into and click on Coaches.

    If a couple wants to

    Generally, no, a couple should not retake Zoe. The only circumstance that might justify a couple to "retake" Zoe is if one or both persons either randomly or insincerely answered the Zoe questions. In that situation, the Zoe feedback would have no value for the couple.

    If a couple explains that they misunderstood a few questions and are concerned how this will affect their overall score, you can reassure them that retaking Zoe will not dramatically alter your approach to their relationship. Simply have them explain the concepts that they misunderstood and decide if there are any issues worth pursuing.

    Zoe is not a test . . . it is a CAT-Scan. If a couple is sincerely interested in improving their relationship, it is important to first understand their "growth" areas and then to develop strategies to strengthen them. Zoe helps you and the couple glance at the health of their relationship at a point in time and gives you the tools to assist them. Every couple has plenty to work on and Zoe simply helps you to help them recognize and improve these areas.

    If a couple has an issue not covered in Zoe, how should I incorporate it into a session with the couple?

    If you have identified a marriage concept or issue not included in Zoe, please drop us an email at and we will research it to consider including in another release of Zoe.

    To incorporate a "new" concept into a session, we encourage you to discuss it within the context of one of the Zoe categories. That way you can discuss it along with the other Zoe concepts in a category within the framework of using it as an example of strength or an opportunity for growth. In other words, weave it into your use of the "Expand your Vision" questions.

    How can I incorporate mentor couples into my advising approach?

    Incorporating mentor couples into your Advising can extremely valuable for a couple and for you. At Zoe, Rev. Jeff Meyers has extensive experience developing and training mentors and incorporating them into the advising process. Please contact Jeff at

    A pre-marriage couple I am working with decided to postpone or cancel their wedding plans. How should I handle this situation?

    One of the valuable aspects of marriage preparation is that approximately 10% of all pre-marriage couples will decide to postpone or cancel a wedding. By asking tough questions and bringing sensitive issues to the surface during marriage preparation, some couples change their wedding plans to avoid the pain of an eventual divorce. Even though it can be difficult to cancel the "flower delivery," most couples agree that it is much better to find out about a relationship issues now rather than later.

    If you are working with a couple in this situation, encourage them to take their time. Marriage is a life-long commitment so delaying a wedding can help the couple feel more confident in their decision. Even if a couple decides to end the relationship, you can offer to assist them with the transition.

    For an Advisor dealing with a delay or a breakup, it is most important to try to maintain your relationship with both individuals by offering to assist in any way. It is possible you will meet in the future either with them together or individually with another partner.

    Error Messages

    When trying to register as a Zoe Advisor, I get an error message that says my email address is already in use. What should I do?

    If you received this error message, you have either taken Zoe in the past (as part of a couple), or you have forgotten that you registered as an Advisor in the past. Please email Zoe at with the address causing the error and Zoe will help you correct this situation.

    When I try to register as a Zoe Advisor, I get an error that says the authorization code I used is not valid. What should I do?

    • Click: "Register" at the top of the screen
    • Click the text (at the bottom) that reads: "No Authorization code? Click here."
    • Provide: the requested information
    • Click: the next arrow.
    Zoe will contact you with a new Authorization Code.