Zoe Advisor Training

Most Zoe Advisors become fairly proficient at using Zoe with a couple after only a few sessions. However, to fully benefit from the broad capabilities of Zoe and the finer aspects of advising in general, Registered Advisors can expand their advising knowledge and expertise by participating in either Zoe Online Video Training or Zoe Classroom Training. Additionally, registered Advisors can learn more about Zoe and advising by contacting a Zoe Coach.

Online Video Training
Zoe’s comprehensive online video training program covers all of the Zoe Materials and Categories, from both research and scripture perspectives. The video training also discusses proven approaches to advising a couple and concludes with an “exam” in which you critique advising situations, thus testing your knowledge gained from the Zoe training.

Each training video ranges from 2 to 10 minutes and covers one area of Zoe. That way you can pick and choose the specific content you are interested in learning without sitting through an entire class of materials. Zoe’s training is an efficient, flexible and effective way to learn more about using Zoe with a couple.

Classroom Training
Since Zoe’s online video training provides a comprehensive approach to learning about Zoe and advising in general, Zoe’s classroom training does not cover those materials but rather addresses the more challenging aspects of advising. Some of the topics that can be addressed in more detail in the classroom setting include:
  • Solution-oriented approaches
  • Obstinate couples
  • Cohabitation
  • “Mixed” marriages
  • Multiple divorces
  • Step-children
  • Using marriage mentors
  • Not listed? Ask us!
Classroom training sessions are available to all registered Zoe Advisors and are posted on the website. Because of the additional expenses associated with classroom training, registration for this type of training will involve a fee.

Zoe Coaches
To learn more about Zoe Coaches, click here.