Why Zoe?

''I now pronounce you Oil and Water.''

If you are serious about preparing for marriage or improving your marital satisfaction, Zoe can help. Why? Because Zoe is the pre-eminent comprehensive marriage program available today.

The essence of marriage preparation with Zoe is to reveal today what will likely be uncovered within the first three to five years of marriage. In other words, Zoe helps you see your relationship more clearly so that you are aware of issues earlier and can resolve them sooner in your relationship.

Consider the following benefits of using Zoe:

  • Marriage Research: Know What is Already Known

    Do you know what will help or hinder your marital satisfaction? Zoe does. Every question, score, category, concept and response within Zoe is based on leading marriage research. And Zoe provides you with this research to help you understand why and to know what is known.

  • Awareness: Broadening your Vision

    Not only does Zoe provide you with the marriage research, Zoe measures your awareness of the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. Before beginning to tackle any issues, a couple should first be aware of and acknowledge the relative strength of each of the 13 marriage categories in the relationship.

  • Feedback Materials: Get to the Point

    The Zoe Feedback Report presents your feedback in an orderly fashion: from broad relationship categories down to specific relationship concepts. And the information is presented using intuitive colors and symbols. Finally, scores and responses are organized from strengths to weaknesses to help you quickly and easily view your relationship.

  • Efficient Process: Valuing your Time

    All of the Zoe materials utilize the Internet. You answer the Zoe Questions in the comfort of your home on your computer, not by bubbling in dots on a Scan-tron sheet in an office with a "proctor."

    Immediately after you answer your last question, Zoe automatically notifies your Advisor, via email, that your materials are ready (Zoe uses the generic term "Advisor" to refer to the person or people who will help you with your marriage. An Advisor is typically a member of the clergy, a professional counselor, a mentor couple, etc.).

    And finally, your Advisor can email you -- through the Zoe website -- valuable marriage materials for you to use before or during a session.

  • Zoe Advisors: Equipped to Help You

    If you have decided to work with a Zoe Advisor you will have the benefit of enlisting the help of someone trained to listen and serve. Your Zoe Advisor will have access to a wide range of marriage tools to help you work on your relationship and get the most out of your sessions.

    Your Zoe Advisor will help you target issues, keep you focused on the important stuff and ask the tough relationship-changing questions in a caring way. Also, your Advisor can give you access to your Zoe Couple Feedback report. (If you choose to use Zoe without an Advisor, you will automatically have this access.)

In summary, Zoe is a simple, unique and valuable research-based approach to help you prepare for your marriage. Divorce is painful and expensive while a fulfilling long-term marriage is rewarding in many ways. With Zoe, you can set your relationship on a course to make it the finest it can be!

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