Zoe is unique among marriage preparation programs; it's comprehensive, convenient and flexible.

Research to Help You

Zoe is comprehensive and thorough. Zoe covers the whole process: from far-reaching questions to in-depth feedback to valuable resources your Advisor can access to work specifically with you. Your feedback is thorough. It includes easy-to-read summaries of valuable marriage research performed by highly respected researchers and published in leading journals. And, if you want to know more about the research, Zoe even provides a bibliography.

You Choose the Time and Place

Zoe is convenient. Since Zoe is an Internet-based marriage preparation process, you can go through the questions and get your feedback at times that are convenient for you, and in the privacy of a location you choose.

After All, It's YOUR Marriage

With Zoe, you have ultimate flexibility. Zoe provides you with tons of information so you can dig into your upcoming marriage as deeply as you like; whether you choose to skim the findings or analyze the details, Zoe provides you with everything you'll need. Furthermore, Zoe's flexibility enables your Advisor to structure customized sessions that will meet your needs ... in one session or many.